New Jersey woman fighting eviction blows herself up in house full of cats

It was worse than a catfight. A New Jersey woman’s fight against eviction ended in a deadly blaze Wednesday when she intentionally started a fire in the home she shared with dozens of cats and refused to vacate. The woman and dozens of cats died in the massive fire, which broke out shortly after 11 […]

New Super Meth Causes Instant Psychosis and Hallucinations in Addicts

Mike Marshall knows firsthand how hard it is to stop using meth once you start. Marshall, a former addict who used meth for 10 years, said ” it permanently rewires the brain. When I was using, I would wake up like ‘I’m never doing that again’, and I’d go 3 months without doing it. And […]

Dem bill lures teens to run away for trans surgeries without parental consent

Washington Democrats have proposed a bill that effectively encourages minors to run away from home to receive gender-affirming care, including gender reassignment surgery, without parental consent and at taxpayer expense. Democrats passed similar legislation allowing minors to receive gender-affirming care without parental consent in 2019. But those kids were still subject to parental oversight. Senate […]

Left-wing activist baker dies after robbers mowed her down at bank in Oakland

The family of an Oakland baker and former publisher who espoused anarchist beliefs believe that the thieves who killed her in a daylight robbery and assault shouldn’t go to jail and her death shouldn’t be used to argue for more police. Jennifer Angel, 48, founded Angel Cakes bakery in Oakland in 2008. Prior to that, […]

Meth lab discovered in Seattle homeless tent fire

Seattle police responded to the scene of an encampment fire that may have been a meth lab in the Chinatown-International District Thursday afternoon. Officers arrived just after 1 p.m. near the intersection of 7th Avenue S and S Main Street, and once the fire was controlled, police searched the area for injured people but located […]