Illegal Immigrants mostly law abiding – except for these guys

Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza, a 47-year-old illegal alien, has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, reckless driving, and driving without a commercial driver’s license in connection to the death of 64-year-old Scott Miller. According to the Colorado State Patrol, Cruz-Mendoza was driving a semi-truck for the Indio, California-based Monique Trucking company on Highway 285 […]

Chicago Mom Loses Unborn Baby After Brutal Assault by Teen Gang

A pregnant woman tragically lost her unborn baby after a vicious assault by a gang of teenagers during what was supposed to be a relaxing date night with her husband. The incident occurred last Friday at approximately 8:30 p.m. in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago. Nina, the 41-year-old victim, recounted the harrowing experience. She and […]

Seattle’s patience wearing thin with Miles Hudson, Belltown’s Hellcat driver

“Hell on wheels” are the words residents living in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood are using to describe Miles Hudson, the driver of the Dodge Charger aptly nicknamed the “Belltown Hellcat.” Hudson has been revving nightmares into the streets of Seattle, and is accused of terrorizing the downtown area with high-speed chases and nocturnal roars of his […]

Mayor Johnston’s tweet about illegal immigration & Denver’s ‘Newcomer Playbook’ gets ratio’d

Mayor Mike Johnston is proud of his administration’s “Newcomer Playbook” — Denver’s how-to guide, offered to other jurisdictions, for “successfully integrating” immigrants. Johnston’s followers on the social media platform X were not exactly thrilled. “Denver is actually writing the book on welcoming newcomers,” Johnston said in the post. “We’ve changed, adapted and found models that […]

UW students postpone antisemitic encampment for having too many white saviors

Activists with the UW Progressive Student Union (UWPSU) announced they are postponing Thursday’s “UW Palestine encampment” because there were too many white students involved. The group received criticism for not including Muslim and Arab students in the organizing. And now you have warring factions of extremists quibbling over who will get credit for demonizing Jews […]

Mayor Wheeler’s use of encrypted iMessages costs city $166K 

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s continued use of the iMessage feature on his city-issued iPhone between 2017 and 2021 cost the City of Portland $166,893 Wednesday, when the city council unanimously agreed to settle a lawsuit filed over the city’s inability to fulfill a public records request for Wheeler’s text messages. The suit, filed by attorney Michael […]

Popular YouTuber reportedly kidnapped in Haiti, supposedly while trying to meet ‘Barbecue’

A popular YouTube influencer has reportedly been kidnapped in Haiti after trying to meet the notorious gang leader named “Barbecue.” Atlanta-based influencer Addison Pierre Maalouf, known on YouTube as “Your Fellow Arab,” recently traveled to Haiti to meet Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier, the leader of a gang that has seized control of Haiti’s government, according to […]