San Francisco Social Worker Stabbed 4 Times by Man Living in Homeless Shelter Where She Worked

San Francisco Social Worker Stabbed 4 Times Allegedly by Man Living in Homeless Shelter Where She WorkedJail records indicate Oscar Chatman, 27, faces charges of attempted murder, burglary and vandalism Authorities arrested a man experiencing homelessness after he allegedly stabbed a San Francisco social worker several times at the shelter where she worked. Jail records […]

Chicago would like gang members to only shoot people at night, please

When Chicago’s old anti-cop mayor was replaced by its new anti-cop Mayor, Brandon Johnson, some were concerned that he wouldn’t do enough to combat the gang violence that has been leaving a trail of bodies around the Windy City for years. Well, fear not. The Mayor and the City Council are working with a local […]

Portlands first sanctioned homeless encampment mostly empty after a month of being open

Portland’s first sanctioned homeless ‘park’ is less than 20 percent full a month after opening as shocking new images show drug abuse and illegal campsites continue to plague its streets. Oregon’s largest city is in the midst of a devastating humanitarian crisis, with its homeless population up almost 50 percent since 2019 to more than […]

7-11 Store owner violently beats would be thief with large stick

The incidence of thefts and armed robberies is surging at stores across the US, posing a grave concern for shop owners and retailers. Numerous videos on social media depict distressing scenes where customers, staff, and shop owners fall victim to such brazen attacks. However, an intriguing incident unfolded at a 7-Eleven store in California when […]

California NAACP demands Oakland declare a crime emergency

The NAACP has apparently discovered that black people don’t like being victims of crime. After years of decrying the inherent racism of the “carceral state” and the structural racism of law enforcement, the NAACP has decided that perhaps handing over the streets to thugs and criminals wasn’t such a good idea. Don’t worry, though, they […]