A Billion-Dollar Problem: The Shocking Rise of Retail Theft in Denver

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The tranquil streets of Denver, traditionally far from the chaos of other American cities, are now witnessing a grim new normal. The Mile-High City, as it’s fondly referred, has been thrown into the same whirlpool of rising retail theft that has been plaguing other major American cities. Residents describe the situation as a “free-for-all,” as thieves blatantly stroll into stores, stuffing suitcases and bags with stolen merchandise and walking out unopposed. This audacity mirrors the same disregard for law and order seen in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. Despite the menacing rise in retail theft, which costs Colorado retailers a staggering $1 billion a year, the perpetrators face virtually no consequences.

Caught in the thick of this dangerous predicament are ordinary shoppers and small businesses that have to grapple with the fallout of these rising criminal activities. One Denver woman, in a moment of shock, captured a brazen theft incident on her cellphone during a recent visit to a Ross Dress for Less store on South Colorado Boulevard. She witnessed three people entering the store, grabbing suitcases and bags, and filling them with stolen items. She shared the shocking footage with CBS News Colorado, offering a stark glimpse into a reality that has become all too familiar.

This wave of retail theft has not only triggered a cycle of fear among citizens but also prompted a rethinking of security strategies among retailers. To protect their merchandise and the safety of shoppers, some stores are resorting to putting items behind lock and glass or increasing their security presence. While these are temporary measures, a long-term solution to this growing problem is vital. It would require addressing the root causes of these thefts, such as rampant drug addiction and weak law enforcement policies, which seem to have made the thieves bold and fearless.

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