Break-ins so rampant in LA, the wealthy are paying up to $150,000 for a guard dog

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Before Arteom Bulgadarian bought his Sherman Oaks home, it belonged to baseball star Yasiel Puig, who was burglarized of $170,000 worth of jewelry and other items while he was out of town.

So Bulgadarian, 44, has been vigilant about security since moving in, especially with three young children and a job running an aerospace manufacturing company that often necessitates late nights at the office. He owns several guns and has equipped his nearly 5,000-square-foot, six-bedroom house, set behind an iron gate, with surveillance cameras and an alarm system. A neighborhood watch group patrols the area around the clock.

And then there’s Rocky.

Nothing gives Bulgadarian peace of mind like his 2½-year-old German shepherd, which was bred, selected and trained to be a high-performance protection dog. Unlike a police or military canine, a protection dog is a family pet first and foremost, but one that is prepared to attack an assailant, if necessary, while guarding a home or when out in public with its owner.

Bulgadarian bought Rocky as a puppy from Delta K9 Academy and signed him up for a rigorous training program at the company’s facility in North Hollywood, spending $70,000 — not uncommon for such top-of-the-line dogs.

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