California Governor Calls in National Guard to Combat Fentanyl Crisis in San Francisco

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In a desperate move to tackle San Francisco’s fentanyl crisis, California Governor Gavin Newsom called in the National Guard. The decision came after Newsom, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, and Mayor London Breed’s Chief of Staff toured the city’s infamous Tenderloin District. The area has become a hotbed for open-air drug dealing, rampant property crime, and homelessness, forcing local businesses to shut down.

Newsom’s plan involves the California Highway Patrol, National Guard, San Francisco Police Department, and San Francisco District Attorney’s Office collaborating to address the drug problem. However, the response to Newsom’s announcement has been mixed. While some residents and business owners believe that cracking down on drug dealers will help solve the city’s crisis, others are concerned that criminalizing those struggling with substance abuse will not fix the problem. The debate continues over whether the new approach is just a repeat of the failed War on Drugs or a much-needed step towards solving San Francisco’s fentanyl problem.

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