Camping Ban Pushes Portland’s Homeless Onto Dangerous Highway Campsites

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In a seemingly implausible twist of events, homeless citizens of Portland are turning highways into their new refuge, following a daytime camping ban. If one were to take a quick drive down Highway 26 or I-405, they’d spot clusters of tents previously seen in city parks, now dangerously close to busy traffic lanes. So, while some lawmakers might celebrate the sweeping success of their new ordinances, others might take a more skeptical view – why did we think simply outlawing daytime camping would solve anything?

Faced with relentless regulations, the homeless of Portland are, against all odds, proving their adaptability. They’ve quickly learned that Department of Transportation land comes with an added layer of confusion and bureaucracy that buys them precious time before encampments can be swept. Yet, it’s a high-risk gamble, with the only thing separating them from a catastrophic highway accident being a flimsy guard rail. Although tragic, it’s a darkly ironic testament to human resilience when left with no other options.

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