Century Old Hat Store is the Latest Retail Victim in San Francisco’s Union Square

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In a reflective turn of events, the well-aged Union Square hat shop in San Francisco has finally decided to close up shop, and it’s not a stand-alone instance. It seems that the city, once a beacon for tourists and tech industry employees, is gradually morphing into a ghost town. The culprit? A mix of unprecedented events, from pandemic lockdowns to soaring crime rates and the persistent homelessness issue, all of which have systematically dismantled the city’s downtown aura.

The century-old haberdashery, Goren Brothers, is the latest in a long line of retailers opting out from Union Square, an area that was previously one of the most desirable retail locations in America. The tech industry’s shift to work-from-home policies, the escalating crime situation, and the worsening homelessness issue have all but ravaged the city’s downtown charm. Unfortunately, the city’s woes don’t stop at the retail industry. San Francisco is also witnessing a consistent loss of cafes, restaurants, and a whopping one-third of its offices lie vacant.

In an ironic twist, the very technology that facilitated the Bay Area’s prosperity is also driving its decline. The push towards remote work and the lingering fears around the pandemic have left millions of square feet of office space abandoned. Despite the denial of a retail collapse by San Francisco Mayor London Breed, the exodus seems to persist, casting long shadows over the city’s future.

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