CEO Mark Jones Steps Down Amid Seattle Homelessness Surge

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In an unexpected turn of events, Mark Doones, the once head of King County Regional Homeless Authority, has handed over his resignation. This announcement has stirred the otherwise tranquil waters of Seattle’s regional politics. Why, you may ask? This supposed ‘hero’ of the homeless, who painted a rosy $12 billion picture against a real-life backdrop of a mere $250 million budget, failed spectacularly in his role. All while homelessness figures continue to skyrocket.

Doones, who led the department for a full two years, was lauded for his contributions and commended for his ‘visionary’ work. But when you look closer, you might find that visionary might just be another word for an ineffective leader overseeing a worsening homeless crisis. The streets of Seattle are a testament to his tenure, with the number of homeless people rising dramatically under his watch. Yet, the regional homeless authority continues to advocate for more funding.

Our erstwhile leader’s departure, then, begs the question: where has all the money gone? Doones had a talent for creating unnecessary obstacles, a pro at interpreting state laws to suit his narrative, and excelled at slowing down necessary processes, all while the homeless problem worsened. The charade couldn’t last, however. Even Governor Jay Inslee couldn’t back Doones’ misinterpretation of the law that blocked encampment sweeps. In the end, the head of the King County Regional Homeless Authority had to step aside, leaving his post vacant and his big shoes to fill.

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