Chicago Mayor Johnson Has Zero Plan to Fight Ongoing Violence in His Own City

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As the summer season unfurls, Chicago’s crime rates seem to be taking a nasty hike. Mayor Brandon Johnson, though heavily criticized for his hands-off approach to this escalating issue, stays adamant. “It’s a long-term project, can’t expect miracles overnight”, he retorts, creating a maelstrom of skepticism and doubt among the city’s weary residents. His police staffing plan is also earning him quite some flak. While Johnson peddles the long game, strategizing to root out crime by adding more detectives to the force, he’s yet to show a commitment to filling the glaring void of vacancies within the department.

A stark contrast is evident between Mayor Johnson’s laid-back attitude and the urgency expressed by the city council. As the residents of the Windy City grapple with the aftermath of their weekend brush with violence, they see a mayor who appears more concerned about grandstanding at press conferences than making their city safer. As crime prevention takes a back seat, the city’s attention, instead, is drawn to memorials, monuments, and even house music. Meanwhile, the number of shootings keeps ticking upward, turning Chicago into a deadly summer murder playground.

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