City Chaos: Small Businesses Crushed by Crime Wave in Liberal Cities

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As crime rates and safety concerns rise in cities like Portland, small businesses are bearing the brunt of the problem. In response to the increasing violence and criminal activity in the area, a popular downtown Portland coffee shop, Kova Coffee, has decided to close its doors. This decision follows the recent closure of a nearby Whole Foods in San Francisco due to safety concerns.

Small businesses in Portland have been facing numerous challenges, from the pandemic and the shift to remote work to the growing issues of crime, drug addiction, and homelessness. In cities often governed by Democrats, these layered factors are making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to survive.

Kova Coffee’s closure near Southwest 12th Avenue and Jefferson Street highlights the severity of the situation. Despite the business having two other locations, the extreme violence and criminal activity surrounding this particular location made it impossible for the coffee shop to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

The closure of Kova Coffee follows the departure of an Amazon Hub Locker that occupied the space next door, signaling a worrying trend of boarded-up and empty buildings in the area. Many businesses have stopped reporting criminal activity due to the understaffed police force and the knowledge that they will have to clean up the aftermath regardless.

To address these issues, cities like Portland will need to reverse their current policies and focus on arresting criminals, providing mental health support, and offering drug treatment programs. Until the root causes of crime are addressed, small businesses will continue to struggle, and the revitalization of downtown areas will remain a distant dream.

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