City of Roses to City of Crime: How Portland Became a Hollowed-Out Shell & Scared Its Neighbors Away

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Ben West remembers when Portland was a funky, artsy “crown jewel of the West Coast” with a great food scene.

“Portland is a hollowed-out shell of what it used to be,” said West, a Clackamas County commissioner. “Businesses are fleeing and people are leaving for greener pastures.”

Public safety officials across Oregon have complained of rising crime in their communities, but, according to police data, crime is spiking much more dramatically in Portland than the statewide average.

“Each area has different challenges, but what we’re seeing in the metro area is absolutely rising crime,” Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton told Fox News.

The Portland metro area is made of three counties: Multnomah County, which encompasses most of Portland; as well as Washington and Clackamas counties.

“The increases that we’re seeing are nothing like the increases that we’re seeing in our neighbors,” Barton said. “Public safety is failing in Multnomah County.”

Shocking and often gruesome headlines have become commonplace in the state’s most populous county.

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