Cracker Barrel Follows in Targets Footsteps with Rainbow Rocking Chair

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Cracker Barrel has recently made headlines by taking a surprising and controversial step. In honor of Pride Month, they posted an image of a rainbow rocking chair on their social media channels, veering away from their traditional conservative values. This abrupt pivot into social progressiveness has led to considerable backlash, particularly among their long-standing patron base who are known for their biscuits and gravy eating habits. A loud chorus of disapproval echoes across the internet, as loyal customers struggle to make sense of this perplexing change in stance.

In a landscape where large corporations continually strive for political correctness and inclusivity, many customers express cynicism towards these superficial shows of support, accusing the brand of “rainbow washing”. They argue that the public endorsement of LGBTQ+ rights by Cracker Barrel comes off as a thinly veiled marketing gimmick, aimed at boosting their diversity and inclusion score, rather than reflecting their genuine values. The drastic 7% drop in their stock price over the past five sessions seems to support these sentiments, suggesting that their latest marketing move may be more damaging than beneficial.

Just as the Los Angeles Dodgers were criticized for their anti-Catholic stance, Cracker Barrel now faces the threat of boycotts from customers who feel betrayed by the company’s newfound alignment with the LGBTQ+ community. Many accuse them of prioritizing political correctness over customer loyalty. However, amid the avalanche of criticism, it’s crucial to remember that the world is more diverse than ever. Perhaps, companies like Cracker Barrel are trying to reflect this diversity. But as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and only time will tell if their rainbow rocking chair will indeed rock their bottom line.

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