‘Defund Police’ lawmaker ripped for hypocrisy after LAPD was called to watch staffer’s Lexus

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Soto-Martinez, who represents L.A.’s District 13, previously identified himself as a police “abolitionist” on a Los Angeles City Council candidate questionnaire.

VP of Los Angeles Police Protective League Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz slammed the “hypocrisy” from the far-left official on “Fox & Friends First” Monday.

“Apparently the councilman and his staff want to abolish the police for everyone but themselves,” Sandoz said. “It is the complete height of hypocrisy.”

“We have a serious crime problem in Los Angeles,” she continued. “We have murder, we have homeless encampments, we have robberies, home invasion robberies. And then you have a councilman calling because his car broke down? That’s unbelievable. We’re down 700 police officers in Los Angeles. They’re spread thin. And you have a councilman that’s using his influence to have a police officer come to monitor his vehicle because it’s broken down? How about calling AAA?”

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