Dem St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones Says Business Owners Should Be Held ‘Accountable’ For Crimes

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In a controversial move, Democratic St. Louis Mayor Tashara Jones is proposing a policy to hold local businesses accountable for crimes occurring on their premises. This shift comes amid a series of break-ins, suggesting a broader approach to crime management beyond traditional law enforcement. Mayor Jones believes businesses should be more involved in maintaining public safety, a stance that emerges from her insights gained at a black mayors’ coalition. Her proposal has sparked debate about the roles of business owners and government in crime prevention, particularly in cities like St. Louis where policing resources have been strained.

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00:00 – Mayor accountability proposal
02:08 – Nighttime burglary spree
04:12 – Business crime accountability
06:12 – Strategy critique discussion
08:03 – Criticism of accountability shift
10:08 – Security demands increase
12:12 – Crime reality discussion
14:17 – Accountability challenges explained
16:12 – Private sector crime prevention
18:14 – Weak crime enforcement issue
20:18 – Grocery store struggles
22:19 – Misguided accountability expectations
24:15 – Public frustration voiced
26:00 – Content subscription invitation

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