Enough Empty Office Space for Nearly 180,000 People in San Francisco

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In the heart of the nation’s tech hub, San Francisco, the once-buzzing streets echo with the silence of empty office towers. It’s a ghost town, with an estimated 23 million square feet of vacant office space, a figure no other major city can parallel. We’re not just talking about deserted cubicles. This is equivalent to over 17 Salesforce Towers, San Francisco’s tallest building, sitting unoccupied.

A curious symptom of the pandemic, this massive shift to remote work has left businesses and governments scratching their heads, sitting on billions of dollars of unutilized infrastructure. Remember, we’re talking about office space that was once a hive of innovation and productivity. As the weeks turned into months, and months into years, employees, for the most part, have grown accustomed to the convenience of working from home, dismissing the daily hustle of commuting to offices. Despite the desires of some CEOs, many companies have realized that not only can they manage from home, but they can also save significant capital by reducing their physical footprint.

What does this mean for the economy? Only time will tell, but the commercial real estate market is already quaking at the prospect of a potential 20% to 40% devaluation. As employees abandon their high-rise offices for the comfort of their suburban homes, urban centers like San Francisco face an unprecedented challenge. The quiet echo in the Salesforce Tower is a reverberating reminder of this new reality.

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