Esports Company Skillz Moves Headquarters from San Francisco to Las Vegas

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In an unexpected twist, Skillz, the popular mobile gaming and eSports company, has decided to quit its San Francisco headquarters for a shiny new one in Las Vegas. Skillz, best known for their pioneering efforts to monetize mobile games through online tournaments, hasn’t been particularly vocal about their departure. However, one can’t help but wonder if the company’s close proximity to San Francisco’s notorious Tenderloin neighborhood nudged the decision-making process.

But, let’s not take anything away from Vegas. Sin City has been magnetizing businesses and seems like an apt place for a company like Skillz, which already had an office and around 100 employees there. The new headquarters, a sprawling 36,000 square foot office in Southwest Las Vegas Valley, is set to be completed in late 2023 and will accommodate around 200 employees. Skillz CEO, Andrew Paradise, even hinted at the opportunity to help Vegas step into the new era of real money gaming.

While some tech companies are trying to woo their employees back to the office, San Francisco’s office vacancy rate sits at a record high of over 30%. Notably, businesses like Amazon and Meta (previously Facebook) are experiencing resistance from their employees regarding returning to office work. This shift towards remote work coupled with the city’s worsening street conditions and high crime rates could be contributing factors in Skillz’s move. Even big retailers like Nordstrom and Whole Foods are closing their stores in downtown San Francisco citing similar concerns. So, it seems like Skillz is just playing its cards right, opting for a safer, more stable environment for its employees.

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