Federal Way Council Candidate Denise Yoon Accused of Shoplifting Makes Waves in Seattle Region

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In an unexpected twist just south of Seattle in Federal Way, council candidate Denise Yoon is making headlines and not for her political views. Yoon, running with a platform of safeguarding businesses from crime, now faces accusations of committing the very crime she vowed to combat. The allegations? Shoplifting from Federal Way Trinity Ace Hardware store. And this isn’t her debut in the shoplifting scene either.

Nick Rose, the owner of the aforementioned hardware store, reported an incident where he caught a glimpse of a suspicious shiny object in Yoon’s sizable purse. Turns out, it was none other than a ball peen hammer, an unusual choice for someone with a cart full of wooden stakes meant for campaign signs. In a comedic twist, Yoon even gave her contact details to the store employee, asking for a restock notification on wooden stakes.

In the world of quick digital detective work, Rose’s internet sleuthing skills matched Yoon’s phone number to her campaign website. Oh, the wonders of modern technology! But the storyline thickens, with Yoon alleging racism amidst all this, pointing to an unverified comment from Rose. The plot further spirals when Yoon later revisits the store, attempting to offer a $200 “donation” to the hardware store. If this were a movie, we’d call it “The Confused Candidate.”

But here’s the cherry on top of our alleged shoplifter’s story: this isn’t Yoon’s first rodeo. 23 years ago, she had pleaded guilty to second degree attempted theft. Whether it’s a pattern or a string of misunderstood events, Yoon’s campaign might need more than a sturdy hammer to fix.

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