Fisherman’s Warf Safeway Grocery Store in San Francisco Closes Over Rampant Shoplifting

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Say farewell to a once-beloved supermarket in San Francisco, as the harsh reality of shoplifting and ruthless competition finally takes its toll. North Beach’s only grocery store that had your back during late-night munchie emergencies is waving the white flag.

As the local Safeway is being choked out by the iron grip of Trader Joe’s, residents of North Beach are left high and dry, scavenging for food sources like a post-apocalyptic movie. But hey, maybe they’ll get a nice mural in its place?

Christopher Benitez, the poor store manager who drew the short straw, revealed to The San Francisco Standard that “The company evaluates the store, and if it doesn’t make sense to keep one open, they don’t.” It’s like a scene from the Hunger Games, only with supermarkets. May the odds be ever in your favor, Safeway.

And it’s not just the store that’s affected – 65 hard-working employees are now being shipped off to new locations, as the powers that be at corporate have deemed this Safeway financially unworthy. Good luck to them on their new adventures!

So there you have it, folks. Just another casualty of the liberal stronghold that is San Francisco. One can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection to the way things are run in the city.

#SupermarketShutdown #SanFranciscoSinking #DemocratDystopia

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