Former Cop Unmasks the True Culprits Behind California’s Homelessness

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California, the Golden State, carries a grim medal for accommodating over half of America’s homeless population. A former Oceanside police officer and eye-witness to the escalating crisis holds a different perspective to Governor Gavin Newsom’s stance. He asserts the lack of affordable housing is not the root cause of California’s homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues, but the state’s lax stance towards drug abuse and crime is. An op-ed penned by the ex-cop in Newsweek unfolds how the state’s progressive crime policies indirectly contribute to the growing problem.

Rick Campbell served in Oceanside’s police force for a decade, his experience and understanding run deep. He argues that while affordable housing is a concern, it doesn’t account for the rise in homeless encampments and mentally ill residents. Instead, he points to a massive drug addiction crisis and the lack of tools to compel change as the culprits. Campbell criticizes progressive measures like Proposition 47, which decriminalized drug offenses to misdemeanors, effectively putting law enforcement in a straitjacket. As the drug crisis in the state spirals, ironically, the policing hands are tied with misdemeanor tickets.

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