Good Morning America’ Won’t Film Live From Downtown San Francisco ‘Simply too Dangerous’

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Treading the streets of San Francisco is becoming a hair-raising task, and it seems even the stalwarts of media aren’t immune to the escalating risks. The once-bustling downtown area, particularly the notorious Tenderloin neighborhood, has been tagged as ‘too dangerous’ for live filming by none other than the folks from ‘Good Morning America’. Their field reporter conceded that businesses, both small and large, have simply given up reporting crime, their faith in the authorities in its ebb. Meanwhile, the local politicians, our dear governor included, are busy chanting the mantra of declining crime rates. Isn’t it a tad convenient to believe crime is down when no one’s reporting it anymore?

The media has taken a sharp pivot, including ‘Good Morning America’, refusing to buy into the political narrative of ‘nothing new under the sun’. After all, it’s difficult to turn a blind eye when San Francisco’s streets are reminiscent of a zombie apocalypse. Even the bustling Westfield Mall has shut its doors. Why, you ask? A decline in foot traffic and sales, they say. But anyone with a brain between their ears knows it’s the pervasive crime and flagrant drug use that’s to blame. And yet, the powers that be continue their game of smoke and mirrors, with retail experts predicting a recovery as early as 2024. So, folks, the choice is yours: do you believe the party line of imminent recovery or the glaring reality that even ABC News reporters dare not tread San Francisco’s streets after dark?

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