Governor Newsom’s Bold Claim: Is California Truly a “National Model” for Solving Homelessness?

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Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent claim that California is a “national model” for solving homelessness has been met with widespread mockery and criticism. Despite Newsom touting a reduction in veteran homelessness, California remains home to 28% of the nation’s homeless population, with Los Angeles alone seeing a 9% increase in homelessness in 2023. Critics argue that California’s exorbitant spending, including a recent $24 billion whose impact remains unclear, has done little to address the issue effectively. With soaring poverty, housing costs, and homelessness rates, many see Newsom’s boasts as out of touch with the grim reality. Social media reactions have labeled his statements as delusional, highlighting the state’s failures and calling for more transparency and accountability in spending. As Newsom potentially eyes a presidential run, these criticisms may shape public perception of his leadership and policies.

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00:00 – California spent billions
02:05 – Traffic lights removed
04:17 – Homelessness rates worsening
06:50 – High homeless population
08:03 – Prop 1 costly
10:00 – Nonsense claims criticized
12:10 – High living costs

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