Hot Dog Vendors, NOT Homelessness: San Francisco’s Priority for APEC Summit

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San Francisco is coming down hard on illegal hot dog vendors ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Yep, you heard it right, hot dog vendors are the crux of San Francisco’s many woes, not the rampant homelessness or rising crime rates. With a major international event on the horizon, city officials are scrambling to address issues ranging from dirty sidewalks to battered fire hydrants. They’ve set aside a hefty $10 million in taxpayer funds primarily for extra policing, signaling a clear deviation from any notions of “defunding the police.”

Let’s not kid ourselves; this is akin to putting lipstick on a pig. While the city looks to cosmetic changes and short-term solutions like installing new trash cans and buffing steel columns (because nothing screams safety like a well-buffed steel column), they’re skirting around more pressing and visible crises. Additional shelter beds are in the works for the unhoused population, but the effectiveness of this measure remains questionable. Sure, you can tell people to seek shelter, but that doesn’t mean they’ll comply. Meanwhile, Mayor London Breed successfully garnered $20 million in private donations to “put the city’s best foot forward,” highlighting the paradox of wealthy donors backing politicians who’ve run the city into its current state.

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00:00 – Introduction: San Francisco’s Hot Dog Vendor Crackdown
01:08 – San Francisco’s Struggling Image Internationally
02:02 – Preparing the City for APEC Summit
03:42 – Homelessness and Vendor Regulations in San Francisco
07:21 – Geopolitical Aspects of the Upcoming APEC Conference
08:59 – San Francisco’s State Funding and Cleanup Efforts
09:24 – Cosmetic Changes vs Real Issues
11:15 – Resident Perspective vs Media Portrayal
12:10 – Crime Rates in San Francisco: An Ongoing Issue
13:45 – How to Navigate San Francisco in 2023

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