How San Francisco ‘CLEANED’ Its Streets: The Homeless Vanishing Act – APEC Summit Reveal

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In a startling development from San Francisco, a new conspiracy theory has emerged surrounding Governor Gavin Newsom’s homelessness cleanup operation. As the city hosted the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, a dramatic change was noticed: the apparent disappearance of the city’s homeless population. This sudden vanishing act has sparked widespread speculation and debate.

A viral video on X (formerly Twitter) highlighted the absence of San Francisco’s homeless during the summit, raising questions about their whereabouts. This triggered a frenzy of theories, with some suggesting a deliberate, overnight effort to ‘clean up’ the city for the high-profile international event. The cleanup’s timing, coinciding with Chinese delegates’ visit, fueled further speculation. San Francisco residents, long frustrated with the homelessness issue, expressed their concerns, feeling overlooked in favor of international guests. Despite official reports of city beautification, the mystery of the homeless population’s sudden disappearance remains unsolved, igniting a firestorm of conjecture and concern.

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00:00 – Debunking Conspiracy Theories: Introduction to Homeless Cleanup Claims
01:10 – The Disappearance Mystery: Examining Homeless in San Francisco
03:14 – Fact-Checking the Cleanup: Evidence and Reports from San Fran
05:17 – The Mayor’s Response: San Francisco’s Street Conditions Post-Cleanup
07:33 – Political Statements: Reactions to the Cleanup Effort
09:20 – On-the-Ground Reality: Comparing Federal and Local Actions
11:23 – Business Owner’s Perspective: Crime and Homelessness Post-Summit
13:40 – The Return of the Homeless: Temporary Measures Exposed
16:27 – Cleaning for Show: San Francisco’s Last-Minute Efforts
19:43 – The Aftermath: Resurgence of San Francisco’s Chronic Issues
23:37 – Outro: Final Thoughts on Homelessness and Cleanup Conspiracy

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