HRD Coffee Shop Closes its Doors After More Than 60 Years in San Francisco

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After six decades of serving tech titans and breakfast lovers, the HRD Coffee Shop, a cherished establishment in the heart of San Francisco, is shuttering its doors. While the restaurant was a celebrated local hero for decades, with its unique Chinese and Mexican fusion fare winning the approval of culinary celebrities like Guy Fieri, the owner cited the city’s lack of business support amid surging homelessness and the pandemic aftermath as key contributors to its demise. The eatery, born in the 1950s to cater to downtown workers, became an iconic caterer for software giant Salesforce, enduring through major wars and societal shifts. But in today’s world, with the economic reverberations of recent years and the city’s issues reaching its doorstep, even this resilient veteran of the food scene couldn’t stand its ground.

Once a bustling breakfast joint in San Francisco’s busy downtown area, HRD Coffee Shop was founded by Ben Chan, a Chinese immigrant. Despite the sweeping changes around it, the beloved restaurant remained a favorite for many, weathering countless storms. Yet, amidst the tumultuous climate, the business’s closure stands as a stark symbol of a city grappling with its problems. Issues ranging from taxation disputes with California, squabbles with the city’s waste department, and the eyesore of a nearby homeless encampment, all contributed to HRD’s downfall. The gritty reality beneath the city’s glossy tech exterior underscores the struggle many local businesses are facing in the face of an increasingly challenging environment.

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