Inside Mayor Adams’ migrant debit card boondoggle — illegals to get up to $10,000 each

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New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams is at the center of a contentious program involving financial support for migrants. The city has engaged a relatively unknown bank in a no-bid contract worth $50 million, to distribute debit cards to illegal border crossers, potentially allocating up to $10,000 per individual. Critically, the $50 million is solely the bank’s service fee, with actual expenses possibly soaring into billions. This move has sparked debates about governmental transparency and the use of taxpayer money. Concerns also include lack of oversight, potential fraud, and the implications of such large-scale financial assistance without stringent verification processes. The issue underscores a significant policy debate in NYC regarding the management of migrant assistance and the allocation of public funds.


00:00 – New York City Debacle
02:06 – Debit Cards for Migrants
04:09 – Sanctuary City Consequences
06:00 – Questionable Spending Tactics
08:06 – Solving Problems Questionably
10:10 – Dubious Contractor Selection
12:02 – Unclear Financial Oversight
14:14 – Misleading Public Perception
16:31 – Large Contractor Payment
18:22 – Separate Card Funding
20:12 – Non-disclosure Concerns
22:01 – Inadequate Fraud Protection

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