Is San Francisco Still a Tourist Destination? The Airbnb Decline

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Bookings on Airbnb are taking a nosedive in San Francisco, and some are wondering whether the city’s tarnished image or actual unsafe street conditions are to blame. For nearly 30 years, Catherine Bloom has let her Potrero Hill home on Airbnb. However, this year, her calendar for the summer is eerily empty, a sharp contrast to the bustling activity of previous years. She’s not the only one feeling the pinch; her fellow hosts have also reported a similar downturn.

The plummet in bookings isn’t surprising given San Francisco’s mounting reputation for lawlessness. Tourists, it seems, are reluctant to visit a city where they feel their safety could be compromised. This has had a domino effect on the local ecosystem, from small businesses to individual residents. Is this shocking news? No, not if you’ve been following the city’s deteriorating state. The decline in Airbnb bookings and the general tourism slowdown are an echo of the city’s ongoing struggles. As for the citizens of San Francisco, they are growing tired of attributing their city’s troubles to ‘bad press.’ What’s clear is that it’s not the city’s reputation that needs a cleanup, but its streets.

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