King County denies reporter Jonathan Choe with Antifa move at Homeless MEGAPLEX media event

Residents and business owners in Seattle’s Chinatown neighborhood protest nearly daily in hopes of blocking what they call a mega-plex homeless shelter on the edge their district. They march to the King County Council board meeting and to the site of the shelter carrying signs that read ‘stop Asian hate’ and ‘systemic racism again’. They’re fighting a big expansion of a 270-bed homeless shelter that has attracted a large unsanctioned tent encampment. It’s one of 15 homeless shelters within one mile of Chinatown. Residents there say enough is enough.

“We have been feeling the negative impacts of these shelters,” said Tanya Woo, a Chinatown business owner, “all these problems in terms of public safety have just exploded with the encampments, open air drug markets.”

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