King County Homeless agency proposes $25.5 Billion over 5 years to “end homelessness”

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The King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) released a draft plan that calls for $25.5 billion over five years to end homeless in King County.

They are asking for feedback on the draft, which the public can provide by going to this link. Initially, $8 billion would be used for capital costs and $3.5 billion would be necessary each year for operational costs.

Poll after poll shows that homelessness is a top issue in the state of Washington. Gov. Jay Inslee is devoting $4 billion of his proposed 2023-2025 budget to affordable housing.

“Fundamentally, this (homelessness issue) has occurred because we have not built the housing, the roofs people need to live under,” Governor Inslee said at a press conference.

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell plans to spend $250 million each year for his 2023-2024 budget on affordable housing.

“Lack of access to housing is the source to homelessness and gaining access to housing is the solution,” Mayor Harrell said at a recent press conference.

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