LA Enacts New Absurdly High Real Estate Sales Tax – Here’s How The Rich Are Avoiding It

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As a real estate aficionado, the recent development from the City of Angels has left me in a state of both incredulity and laughter. Los Angeles, in its quirky wisdom, has introduced a staggering new tax on real estate, and not just those posh pads dotting the city’s landscape but also modest abodes that wouldn’t necessarily make you gasp in awe. And trust me, in LA, five million bucks won’t get you your dream palace these days. This new ‘Mansion Tax’ has driven many, including celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Brad Pitt, to hastily offload their properties, causing quite a spectacle in the spring housing market. I mean, when the taxman cometh, you don’t want to be left holding the bag, do you?

The new tax, much to my amusement and horror, is leading the city’s wealthier residents to some interesting (and innovative) measures to avoid it. Real estate agents are even resorting to throwing in free luxury cars to sweeten the deal and help avoid that monstrous tax. Genius or desperate? You decide. The tax is also prompting a shift in pricing strategy, with agents listing homes just a smidge below the tax threshold. Though, the cherry on top has to be the law’s critics pointing out the irony that LA is potentially losing out on transfer tax revenue as sales of expensive properties nosedive. At this point, one might wonder if LA’s city hall is filled with comedians.

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