LA Mayor states ending homelessness and supporting local business are tied together

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In a conference conducted by Valley Economic Alliance at California State University, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass draws a connection between increasing homelessness and dwindling local businesses.

Talking to a roomful of San Fernando Valley business owners and leaders, Bass sent a signal that Los Angeles was open for businesses and also tied the two issues.

While speaking, the Mayor said that one of the major problems the state faces is income disparity and the increasing number of tents on streets, both of which can be solved by enabling more good-paying jobs.

“And who employs Angelenos, other than small businesses?” she asked the crowd. But she doubts businesses will shift to a city with over 40,000 people on the streets.

So the first task she carried out was to issue an executive directive to quicken the construction of economic houses, and for the time being, they shifted homeless people to hotels and motels temporarily.

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