LAPD’s Thin Blue Line flag ban spurs outrage amid recruitment struggles: ‘Morale’s in the gutter’

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The Los Angeles Police Department is facing fierce criticism after it banned displaying the Thin Blue Line Flag over a complaint it symbolized “extremist” views.

Founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC Joseph Imperatrice joined “Fox & Friends First” Monday to discuss why he is furious over the move and how it will impact staffing shortages and morale moving forward.

“When people make a complaint like that, they don’t like the cops on any given day, so we’ve got to take that into account,” Imperatrice told co-host Todd Piro. “For [the] police chief to take it down, it kind of makes the other side think that there is actually something wrong with that flag, which it’s not. But then in the other breath to tell your police officers on the other side of this wall, you can hang it on your locker, on your vehicles. There’s nothing wrong with the flag.”

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