Littlejohn Candies in San Francisco Closes up Shop Due to Terrible Street Conditions

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San Francisco’s beloved candy store, Littlejohn’s Candies, recently lowered its shutters due to an unbearable street scene. A sweet favorite among locals and visitors alike, the store enjoyed a successful run for a considerable amount of time, yet it failed to overcome the challenges imposed by its mid-market location. The region, once promising, experienced a downhill trend in recent years. As other businesses and offices emptied out, footfall dwindled, and the streets no longer promised a safe stroll to a confectionery haven.

Despite the odds, the owners are optimistic about reopening in a more conducive environment. The co-owner, Christopher Graves, has acquired a new kitchen space in Amador County, a few counties north of their current location. Far from the tumultuous streets of San Francisco, the duo aims to continue spreading sweetness among their online customers. The San Francisco Mayor’s new initiative to aid small businesses with $4 million in grants sounds promising but fails to address the deeper issue at hand. The streets are still unsafe and riddled with crime, driving businesses and potential customers away. Thus, while a grant might cover the cost of a few break-ins, it fails to lure businesses to locations marked by unsafe streets and undesirable living conditions.

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