Man moving to Portland stops in Oakland has vintage VW and U-haul with all possessions stolen

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A trip from San Diego to Portland is turning into a nightmare for a man looking to start a new life.

He was driving a U-Haul truck, with everything he owned when he parked in Oakland to rest up at a friend’s house and he woke up to find everything gone.

“So, I’m moving from San Diego to Portland, this was my overnight pit stop,” said Tony.

That pit stop in Oakland turned into a horrible experience for him.

It was supposed to be a new beginning for the high-end bicycle designer.

He packed up everything he owned in this U-Haul van and said it’s ending up like a bad dream.

“Anything from my pants to my trash can, computer to my bed frame. Visualize any room in your house and whatever is in it, is gone,” said Tony.

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