Mayor Wheeler’s Shocking Revelation: Banning Substance Use in Portland?

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In an unexpected twist of events, Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland, dropped the hint of prohibiting open-air substance usage during a recent meeting with the city’s business alliance. This surprising revelation has left many speculating, could Portland be weary of its open-air substance debacle? This isn’t the only attempt to crack down on disruptive practices – Wheeler has also imposed laws against unregulated urban camping.

With the increasing fentanyl crisis, Wheeler is taking a step forward to curb the rampant substance use in the city. In fact, he also plans on involving a partner, for which we are still awaiting details. Is this a way for Wheeler to amend for the consequences of the measure 110, which legalized the possession of small amounts of hard drugs? No one can deny the city’s drug issue has been aggravating, with downtown businesses and property owners voicing their discontent. The question now is, how will Wheeler carry out this proposed plan amidst the current law’s ambiguity?

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