‘Migrant influencer’ who encouraged squatting whines to NY Post that he’s a victim of ‘persecution’

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In an eye-opening development, Venezuelan migrant influencer Leon Moreno, renowned for his audacious advocacy of squatting on social media, finds himself ensnared by the very system he sought to exploit. Moreno, who amassed a considerable following by mocking American policies and encouraging illegal immigration practices, now faces the irony of yearning for the freedoms he once scorned. From his cell in Geauga County Jail, Ohio, Moreno cries foul, claiming persecution akin to that which he fled in Venezuela. Yet, his past actions—skipping a crucial hearing in 2022, spreading misinformation, and leveraging his family in questionable schemes—underscore a blatant disregard for the legal processes and societal norms he now desperately misses. This saga shines a harsh light on the exploitation of America’s liberties by those who, under the guise of seeking refuge, flout the law to further their interests, sparking a debate on the effectiveness and ethics of sanctuary policies and the broader implications for immigration reform.

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00:00 – Influencer Encourages Squatting
02:10 – Critique of Liberal Policies
03:15 – Migrant Misses Freedoms
05:04 – Accused of Media Misinformation
07:09 – Concerns About Jail Safety
09:02 – Failed Immigration Check-ins
10:24 – Illegal Professional Licensing
11:05 – Firearms Charge Potential
12:02 – First Amendment Misunderstanding
13:25 – Criticizing Work Ethic
14:20 – Financial Mismanagement Display
15:29 – TikTok Account Shutdown
16:11 – Character vs. Real Life
17:30 – Promotes Scamming System
18:10 – Deportation Recommended

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