Molly Moons Seattle’s Woke Ice Cream Parlor Sues City for Damages it Sustained During CHOP

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Emerging from the hip, progressive corners of Seattle, the tale of Molly Moons, an ice cream parlour turned protest supporter, churns on. They were vocal backers of the Black Lives Matter movement, they endorsed defunding the police, and yet, they’re suing the city for losses endured during the CHOP protests. How does one reconcile that? Well, it seems the parlour might just be serving two flavours of narrative.

Molly Moons, a ‘woke’ ice cream company, recently filed a lawsuit, seeking compensation for losses from the 2020 CHOP protests. These losses weren’t mere drips and drops, they were substantial. Yet, in an ironic twist, the company had also put up a sign that unequivocally stated ‘No armed police.’ So, on one hand, they decried the city for not providing enough police protection, while on the other, they were all too eager to keep the police out. A curious double scoop, to say the least.

Molly Moons alleges that the city neglected its constitutional rights by allowing the CHOP zone to endure. However, they conveniently steer clear of suing the protestors who arguably caused the chaos in the first place. The parlour seems to be in a predicament of their own making – support the movement but sue the city? One might say, it’s all part of the ‘sundae’ politics of Seattle.

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