Nearly 90% of homeless Portlanders swept from encampments are back on streets

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Of the roughly 1,700 homeless Portlanders offered shelter during city sweeps of encampments over the past 10 months, just 11% remain in some form of temporary shelter and fewer than 1% are permanently housed, data provided by Multnomah County shows.

Two-thirds of people swept from camps declined the offer of temporary shelter, the county reported. And among the other third who did move indoors, the typical individual stayed for two weeks and is back on the streets or at another unknown destination, the data shows.

That adds up to as many as 89% of the individuals cleared from an encampment back sleeping unsheltered somewhere in the city.

While shelters across the county are usually near capacity most nights, the city sets aside some beds for people whose encampments are swept.

Of the people who accessed shelter after being swept, 16% still are using a shelter bed, with those individuals clocking stays of two or three months.

Not everyone whose tent was swept was offered shelter. This could be because they were not in their tent at the time of the sweep.
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