New data proves Progressives ‘Supportive housing’ is no cure-all for mentally ill addicted homeless

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A recent survey indicates that supportive housing is not a comprehensive solution for mentally ill homeless individuals. The survey reveals an increase in homelessness in New York City, particularly among asylum seekers. Jenna D’Angeles from CBS2 interviewed the commissioner for the Department of Social Services, who highlighted a significant rise in shelter system usage, largely attributed to the asylum crisis.

Supportive housing initiatives aim to offer permanent housing and services to homeless individuals, but progress has been slow. Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to create 15,000 supportive housing units by 2028 is lagging, with only 3,853 units opened so far. The demand for housing far exceeds the available units, exacerbated by the influx of asylum seekers.

Critics argue that supportive housing, while beneficial, is not sufficient for individuals with severe mental health issues. There is a call for more comprehensive solutions, including psychiatric hospitalization and law enforcement intervention for those breaking the law. The high cost of construction and limited resources further complicate efforts to address homelessness through housing alone.

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