Not Your San Francisco – Beating Housing Crises Before They Begin!

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States across the nation are stirring into action, gazing warily at the urban predicament of San Francisco and preemptively strategizing to avoid such a fate. Here’s a little insight into their whirlwind of thoughts: What if the housing affordability crisis, spurred by the City by the Bay, starts chewing at our own turf? Well, they’ve got a plan. And it’s all about remaking, rethinking, and restructuring the housing landscape, all while maintaining a sense of self-awareness and a grain of salt.

The term “red meat” has taken on a new hue in this context, tossed into the political ring for both Republicans and Democrats to scramble after. The issue of housing affordability, once seen as an unhoused person’s lament, has sparked a fiery inspiration in politicians from both ends. Their ideas revolve around the concept of zoning, of packing parcels of land with more homes than you can count on one hand. The promise of increased housing supply has been received with mixed sentiments, with some critics expecting an imminent ghettofication. Despite the skepticism, cities like Seattle have been indulging in this housing approach for quite a while now, with detached accessory dwelling units sprouting up like mushrooms after rain.

However, the question looms larger than ever – Is this sufficient to lower prices, or is it merely a political sleight of hand? With a seemingly insatiable demand for housing, and the lingering ghost of the Great Recession’s builder exodus, the answer might not be what we hoped for. With housing crises rippling across cities from Washington state to Vermont, an undeniable sense of déjà vu emerges. Officials are clutching at straws, desperate to prevent their home grounds from resembling San Francisco’s deteriorating cityscape. Yet, the war against skyrocketing housing costs is far from over, leaving us wondering if we’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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