Oregon DOT puts boulders along freeways to block homeless encampments

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The loud bang of boulders dumped out of construction trucks was muffled Tuesday morning by the constant hum of the freeway. Along I-5 near Delta Park, Oregon Department of Transportation crews in place of homeless camps.

“Basically, it’s an aggressive landscaping technique,” explained Don Hamilton, ODOT’s public information officer.

They started using the tactic about four years ago and are bringing it back now that the weather is getting colder, and as more homeless camps pop up along the freeway.

“It’s kind of a last resort where we use these to try to make sure that the campers, the illegal campers are not on state property. This is especially dangerous in the winter when the roads can get slick and icy and cars can go spinning off the road,” said Hamilton. He said many homeless people have been killed by cars going off the road.

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