Portland Family Living in Fear After Attempted Home Invasion

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A Portland family says they’re living in fear after someone tried to break into their home.

It happened Thursday night, and Friday afternoon 18-year-old Joseph Ibrahim faced a judge, charged in connection to the crime.

The family wishes to remain anonymous for their safety but wants people to hear their story that began while they were having dinner Thursday night.

“Suddenly,” the father of the family explained, “we heard an explosion of broken glass. We didn’t know what it was.”

The father of the family of five, who we’re calling John to keep his identity safe, says he was eating dinner with his two sons, who are 12 and 14. Meanwhile, the mother, who we’re calling Jane for the same reasons, was upstairs.

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“My youngest son was screaming,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

John ran to the door and said he confronted the suspect, who can be seen in Ring Camera footage reaching through the door to try and get inside.

“I ran at him and tried to push him and his arm out the window,” he recalled.

John was hit with what he later found out was a piece of his own fencing. Police say Ibrahim had taken it apart while making his way up to their porch. John armed himself with the closest thing he could find, a cat scratching post, before his 12-year-old brought him a baseball bat.

“He was looking at both of us,” John said. “Actively trying to get into the house to get to us. I don’t know what he had in mind.”

“I didn’t know whether he had a gun, or a knife, or what was happening,” Jane said. “So, I grabbed my children.”

She said that’s when she hid them in the bathroom, arming her two kids with knives, before getting ahold of police.

“It was a while,” she said. “It was a while. It took them a while to come.”

When the police arrived, they found Ibrahim sitting on the porch. John says the 18-year-old never said a word throughout the confrontation, but court documents detail that a police officer reported him giggling to himself on the way to jail, all while talking about how scared the family was.

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