Residents Near Portland’s Notorious Homeless Encampment ‘The Pit’; Fear For Their Lives

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In the heart of Portland, lurking under the Steel Bridge, resides a notorious homeless encampment that’s earned the ominous moniker of “The Pit”. Once an emblem of urban grit, today it stands as an eerie testament to societal failure. The situation has devolved to such an extent that fear for personal safety has become the norm for nearby residents, who report an escalation in threats, beatings, and a myriad of crime. The ironically peaceful Elijah Mays, condo owner and erstwhile hopeful for tranquility, finds herself engulfed in this vortex of lawlessness.

Mays and her neighbors, despite painting a poignant picture of living in constant dread, highlight the grim reality that the majority of this chaos stems from the transient inhabitants of “The Pit” who are not simply down on their luck. The disturbing recounting of brutal attacks, threats brandished with hunting knives, and neighborhoods held hostage, underscore the urgent need for effective solutions. Even the slightest mention of “The Pit” triggers a surge of anxiety and concern among Portland residents, proving just how deep the problem runs. Rather than a beacon of refuge for those weathering a storm, “The Pit” has morphed into a breeding ground for crime, drugs, and despair, holding the city in its relentless grip.

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