Retired Seattle Officer Blasts Mayor and City Council in Scathing Resignation Note

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After an intense 23-year career with the Seattle Police Department, a now-retired officer has gone public with a scathing resignation letter, slamming the city’s leadership. Calling out the Seattle City Council’s “touch with reality,” the spineless mayor, and the department’s own chief, the officer paints a grim picture of a city spiraling out of control due to what he perceives as “absurd policies” and a lack of decisive action. In his passionate farewell, he highlights the challenging working conditions faced by police officers, inadequate staffing, and accuses city leaders of being more engrossed in playing politics than genuinely serving the people. The long-serving officer pleads for a complete overhaul of the city’s leadership, emphasizing the need for strong figures to enforce law and order and protect the community’s well-being.

#SeattleLeadershipCrisis #PoliceResignationRevelation #CityInChaos

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