Riots, Drugs, Homelessness: Portland’s Trifecta of Office Vacancies

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In the heartland of downtown Portland, office vacancies have nearly doubled since the pandemic. This epidemic of vacant office spaces is not restricted to Portland, but plagues other tech-oriented cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Why? The answer isn’t just pandemic-induced remote work. It’s a cocktail of issues including surging homelessness, rampant drug problems, and citywide disturbances such as riots.

Portland, for instance, had over a hundred nights of riots that devastated its downtown core, providing a unique set of challenges for local businesses. Add to this mix a lack of inviting environments, and it’s no wonder businesses are balking at the idea of returning downtown. Even tech giant Amazon is moving 2,000 employees from Seattle to Bellevue, despite ample office space in the former. The rising crime rates, including assaults and homicides near their buildings, have forced this decision.

While these issues persist, the implications for the real estate market are grim. According to data from commercial real estate firm CoStar, more than a fifth of the office space in downtown Portland was vacant in Q1 2023, double the rate in 2019. Even more troubling, this number continues to rise. This excess of vacant space doesn’t just leave an ugly mark on the city’s skyline, it also results in massive budget shortfalls, leading to economic instability.

With businesses choosing suburbs over downtown cores, and employees favoring remote work, it’s clear that a shift is happening. The fallout from this is predicted to be a surge in commercial sector foreclosures and a major disruption to the office space market. This could be a moment of reckoning for the commercial sector, a reckoning that, in the case of cities like Portland, might be long overdue.

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