Ron DeSantis Claims “Leftist Policies’ Have Ruined San Francisco, Mayor London Breed Responds

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San Francisco’s urban glamour once drew crowds, but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis argues that the city has seen better days. In a recent visit, DeSantis observed firsthand the degradation of the once-booming metropolis. San Francisco’s crumbling status is a direct result of leftist policies, DeSantis posits, pointing to defecating pedestrians, rampant drug use, and the disappearance of the city’s vibrant energy.

The city’s leadership has lost its way, according to DeSantis, and the proof is in the boarded-up businesses, the crime rate that doesn’t measure up to the rest of the country, and the exodus of people fleeing to sunnier locales like Florida. San Francisco Mayor London Breed countered by stating that DeSantis, like many politicians, was highlighting the negatives while overlooking potential solutions. Yet, Breed’s refutations seemed half-hearted in the face of the visual evidence presented by DeSantis.

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