RV Urban Campers Threaten to Park by Stadium for Seattle’s ALL Star MLB Weekend

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As the tension over RV homeless camps in Seattle heats up ahead of the All-Star game, there is an air of rebellion amidst the motorhome owners. The city, usually reeking of urban struggle and complications, is witnessing an unexpected twist. A self-proclaimed revolt by the RV owners is about to be in full swing. The rebellion intends to park their motorhomes by the stadium, in a defiant response to being pushed out of their usual haunt, the Soto area. As the city prepares for the big day, the question arises – will the city fold before the homeless and their mobile barricades or will it come out victorious, maintaining its much sought after, albeit fleeting, facade of cleanliness?

In a city often portrayed as the ‘Emerald City’, the inhabitants have grown tired of being constantly pushed around. And now, they intend to make sure their voices are heard, or at least, seen. Despite the city’s best efforts, there is little doubt that the city officials are worried about the impact this unanticipated and rather audacious act of rebellion might have on the Major League Baseball All-Star game. As the flyer for the rebellion reads, “Let’s make sure their work was for nothing,” it’s clear that these RV dwellers intend to use the upcoming All-Star game to shed light on their plight. Whether the city manages to remain the ‘Emerald City’ or turns into the city of rebellious RVs, only time will tell.

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