Sales TANKING: Victoria’s Secret’s Failed Attempt at Wokeness

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Remember the heyday of Victoria’s Secret when their marketing seemed almost too racy for prime time? Well, they tried to revamp their image by embracing “woke” culture and guess what happened? Sales plummeted like a mall Santa on a defective zip line. The company even replaced their iconic Angels with a slew of brand spokesmodels who were supposedly more representative of the “real” world. While some online critics applauded, the cash register didn’t ring as much, prompting the female CEO to step down after less than a year.

The twist here is not just in the lace and lingerie. The shift towards wokeness not only affected sales but also seemed to diminish the quality of the products, according to firsthand accounts. Customers have pointed out stitching issues, inferior fabric, and an overall decline in the value Victoria’s Secret used to stand for. The company is now backpedaling faster than a unicyclist on a steep hill, ditching its newfound social justice focus in favor of a return to the glamour and allure that once defined it. With a renewed emphasis on quality and appeal, the brand is set to do what it does best: make people feel good in their skin and, ideally, their undergarments.

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00:00 – Introduction: Victoria’s Secret Changes Marketing Strategy
01:09 – Observations: Store Layout and Branding Changes
02:13 – The New Face of Victoria’s Secret Models
06:19 – Brand’s Financial Struggles Despite Diversity Initiatives
08:00 – Nostalgia: The Hypersexualized Image of the Past
10:30 – The Influence of Social Media on Brand Image
12:40 – Megan Rapinoe as a Controversial Figure
17:59 – Target Audience Mismatch: What Women Really Want?
20:16 – New Directions: Active Wear and Swimwear
23:05 – CEO Changes and Retail Apocalypse Challenges

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