San Fran Chronicle Declares City Can ‘No Longer’ Be Called ‘Progressive’ After Voters Reject Agenda

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In a striking turn of events, San Francisco, traditionally seen as a bastion of progressivism, appears to be recalibrating its political compass. Following recent elections where voters passed several ballot measures that deviate from the city’s long-held progressive agenda, the San Francisco Chronicle has declared the city can no longer be considered progressive. Measures that were approved include loosening restrictions on police and requiring drug screening for welfare recipients, signaling a shift towards more moderate, if not conservative, policies. This pivot reflects a growing frustration among residents with the outcomes of extreme progressive policies, particularly in relation to law enforcement and social welfare programs. The election results also saw a shift in the local Democratic County Central Committee, potentially altering the city’s political landscape for years to come. This realignment suggests a critical reflection on the effectiveness of progressive policies in addressing the city’s pressing issues, including homelessness, crime, and drug abuse.

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00:00 – Voters reject agenda
00:23 – Moderate shift evident
00:39 – Chronicle’s stark declaration
01:23 – Ballot measures passed
02:05 – Moderates win DCCC
03:02 – Critique of policies
04:12 – Revisiting policing policies
05:06 – Residents want change
06:15 – Opposition to coercion
07:10 – AI reenergizes economy
08:07 – Progressives’ influence wanes
09:05 – Breed’s reelection test
10:17 – Drug screening requirement
11:40 – Moderates gain support
13:02 – Hardline measures needed
14:25 – Retailers close stores
16:00 – Crime normalization concern
17:08 – Slight progress expected

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