San Francisco Golden Gate University Law School Faces Imminent Bankruptcy, Closure

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The once revered Golden Gate University law school is staring down the barrel of bankruptcy and closure, and the irony is hard to ignore. Struggling to stay afloat, the institution pinned their hopes on a real estate deal that was meant to be their lifeboat. But as luck would have it, the downtown San Francisco commercial real estate market has taken a nose-dive, leaving the school’s administrators at a loss. Their primary contingency plan, selling some property, now seems like wishful thinking in retrospect. The current state of affairs, a stark reminder that counting on future uncertainties can often be the gateway to a fiasco.

The future of Golden Gate University law school hangs in the balance as the institution, already grappling with low bar passage rates, is set to face an existential vote. The institution, which prided itself as an alternative pathway for students overlooked by traditional legal education institutions, is now possibly on the verge of surrendering its accreditation or shutting down altogether. A closure or loss of accreditation would undoubtedly ripple through the legal industry, but one can’t help but think that this perfect storm was a long time in the making. After all, despite the heartfelt rallying cry from students and faculty, a deficit-ridden institution cannot perpetually defy the laws of economics.

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