San Francisco Hardware Store Loses Staggering $700,000 in a Single Year to ‘Organized Shoplifting’

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San Francisco, a city once known for its iconic cable cars, now garners headlines for an unbridled rise in organized shoplifting. A family-run hardware store, standing tall since 1955, recently shared its losses of a staggering $700,000 in just a year. This is not your average “Joe needs a sandwich” theft; this is organized, calculated, and, frankly, audacious. Dale Hardware’s owner, Kyle Smith, reminisced about his grandfather, the founder, wondering how he’d react seeing his legacy plundered. Surveillance footage paints a clear picture: individuals walk out, merchandise in hand, no care in the world. From gloves shoved down pants to a flatbed cart loaded with $11,000 worth of specialty wire. The message? They know they’re not getting caught. While Smith’s store now looks like a high-security vault with chains guarding the goods, others, like shop owner Sam Khalil, have lost faith, pointing out that police don’t even respond to theft reports anymore. With areas like San Francisco and Oakland bearing a heavy $3.6 billion loss to theft, the clock’s ticking. One can’t help but chuckle imagining a barricaded ice cream cooler. Welcome to 2023.

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