San Francisco Home Selling for a Steal in Exclusive Neighborhood – Here’s the Catch

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San Francisco’s real estate market has a curious new listing in Russian Hill: a 1,100 square-foot home priced at $488,000, significantly below market value. This bargain comes with significant catches. The home, which cannot be expanded upwards due to a recorded easement, is tenant-occupied under a 30-year lease at $417 per month. The tenant’s occupancy rights extend until 2053, making immediate possession impossible. Despite these conditions, the property drew a crowd and quickly went pending. Experts suggest this scenario is a unique investment opportunity for those willing to wait or negotiate with the tenant. Critics point out that the conditions highlight the complexities and sometimes absurdities of San Francisco’s housing market, where high property values and stringent tenant protections create challenging situations for both buyers and sellers.

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00:00 – Haunted property issues
02:00 – Tenant lease duration
04:00 – Property specifics described
06:00 – Tenant’s low rent
08:00 – Questionable tenant payments
10:00 – Owner passed away
12:00 – Possible tenant buyout
14:00 – Disclosure practices discussed
16:00 – Property sale pending

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